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45 Rue du Bourdon Blanc, 45000 Orléans
+33 2 38 42 03 91
10 AM - 5 PM
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Cercil Museum – Memorial Children du Ver d’ives: In Memory of the Innocents Hello, compassionate souls and seekers of historical truth.
Join us on a moving journey and immerse yourself in the Cercil Museum – Memorial Children du Belle d’Hive, a solemn place that commemorates the innocent victims of a dark chapter in history.
A place of memory and reflection Located in the heart of Orléans, the Cercil Museum is a testament to humanity’s determination to never forget its past.
The museum serves as a place of remembrance and reflection, striving to ensure the voices of the innocent are heard and their stories told.
EXPLORING HISTORY Entering the Cercil Museum feels like traveling back in time to one of the darkest eras in human history.
The museum’s exhibits provide impressive insight into the lives of Jewish children who were unjustly persecuted during World War II.
Honoring the Memory of the Innocents The Cercil Museum pays solemn homage to these innocent children who suffered during the Verdyhiv raid.
The aim is to shine a light on this tragic incident and ensure that the stories of these young victims are never forgotten.
Interactive Learning and Empathy Museums provide visitors with opportunities for interactive learning and empathy.
Through carefully selected exhibits, personal testimonies, and educational programs, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the Holocaust and its impact on the lives of children and families.
Preserving a painful history Cercil Museum is dedicated to preserving the painful history of the Vel d’Hive Roundup and is a keeper of memory.
Its goal is to educate future generations about the consequences of hatred and discrimination, and to promote tolerance and a commitment to human rights.
A Journey to Compassion Whether you are a history buff, a keen student or just someone who believes in the importance of bearing witness to the past, the Cercil Museum – Memorial Children du Ver d’Hive invites you to the next action.
Embark on a journey of compassion and understanding.
Celebrating the Innocents Exploring the Cercil Museum is deeply moving.
This is a place where children’s innocence is celebrated, where they confront the shadows of their past, and where their determination to never do it again is a powerful call to action.