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Nantes Printing Museum: Where typography lives Hello typography lovers and history buffs.
Join us on a journey through the fascinating world of the Printing Museum in Nantes, a place where the art and history of printing live.
Nantes: Cultural Heritage Center Located in the heart of Nantes, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, the Printing Museum testifies to the importance of the written word and the development of printing technology over the centuries.
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This museum offers interesting insights into the history of communication.
An Immersive Printing Experience Entering the Printing Museum is like entering a world of words and images.
The museum’s exhibits showcase the evolution of printing technology, from the first manual printing presses to the modern digital age, providing visitors with an immersive experience tracing the history of written communication.
Exploring the Art of Printing The Museum houses an incredible collection of printing presses, typefaces, and historical documents.
Visitors can explore the intricacies of typography, learn about the evolution of printing methods, and witness the craftsmanship of early printers.
INTERACTIVE LEARNING AND DISCOVERY The Printing Museum of Nantes offers interactive exhibitions, workshops and educational programs that make the art of printing accessible to visitors of all ages.
Here you can try your hand at phototypesetting and discover the secrets of bookbinding.
Preservation of the Written Word This museum is dedicated to preserving the cultural significance of printing, serving as a guardian of historic printing techniques and a promoter of literacy.
This is a place where the written word is respected and celebrated.
A Journey Through the Written Word Whether you’re a graphic designer, a bookworm or just someone interested in how written language evolved, the Nantes Printing Museum welcomes you .
This is where the history of printing unfolds, the beauty of typography is showcased, and the power of words comes to life.
Celebrating the Art of Printing Get ready for a time-travel by exploring the Printing Museum in Nantes.
A place where the history of communication is preserved, the art of printing is celebrated, and a story is told on every page.